The highlight of my day was the 20 minutes I spent in a coffee shop. A table opened just as as I was served my drink, as if someone out there knew I just couldn’t stand to get back in the car just yet. I sipped my first holiday-theme latte of the season, a warm, frothy, custardy concoction topped with a little nutmeg. I was not obligated to engage with anyone, I was in no rush to finish my beverage and get back to caring for someone else. I was able to find a moment of solitude amidst an ever-changing crowd. It felt good.

I wish I could say that the highlight of my day was picking up my child after a day apart, or the hours we spent together tonight, just her and I. But neither were. I couldn’t stem the frustration or moderate my tone. I just wanted to be alone again.

And now I am. I don’t know that I feel better. But it is now closer to tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. Goodnight.

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