30 days

This marks my last post of the month. 30 posts in 30 days. I am glad that I did this experiment; it’s not often that I stick to such a commitment to myself. Writing daily became another part of life, just like the dishes and brushing my teeth. I do feel a sense of relief though I don’t feel quite as much accomplishment as I expected, probably because daily blogging is just part of the routine. Full disclosure, there were many times I wanted to quit, or at the very least skip a day. I was surprised at how early in the process that started, but mostly impressed that I managed to convince myself to keep writing. That said, I think it was pretty evident on the days when I was just phoning it in. Overall, I’m quite proud of the quality of my writing; the comments, support, and retweets have been wonderful and uplifting.

Finding the motivation to write daily has been a challenge, but the biggest obstacle was the time commitment. Person posts telling the story of my day aren’t so bad, but informative posts take hours to research and build. And that’s assuming I had an idea to start with. More often than not, I would spend nearly 2 hours googling, scrolling through status updates, rereading nutrition new bulletins in an attempt to have enough content for the post. Actually composing the entry could easily take another hour or two after that. All this means that a) I’ve been chronically sleep deprived this month and b) I’ve really had to let go of a lot of the daily chores around the house. With my schedule and family the way it is at present, there just isn’t enough time for all of it.

Finally, blogging every day is too much for me. I think it was a great exercise in discipline and work ethic, but too often I felt passionless about the task. As I would get into the writing, I often felt connected and put myself into it, but too often it was a drudgery to get there. This is just a hobby, not a part of my actual jobs (at least at present, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept donations). I want this to be a labour of love, I want this to be something to get excited about. I want it to be more of a priority than it had been, but I don’t want to feel like a slave to it.

And with that, I close the month of November. I plan to take a break, build up my ideas reserve, and return regularly, fresh and snarky as ever. Good night.

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