Back at it – writing in November

6 months have come and gone since last I wrote a post. In that time I also completed a considerably more exhausting and physically uncomfortable pregnancy than my first, and welcomed a beautiful baby boy into my life. He is, incidentally, considerably more clingy and fond of breastfeeding than my first child. Suffice to say, I have not had much urge to write these last few months until recently. Life is settling and I’m looking for an additional creative outlet outside my kitchen (more on that in future posts).

So, for a second year, I endeavor to write a daily post through the month of November. Finding enough free time when I also have two free hands to type will be difficult, as evidenced by the first post in the series already coming a day late. This year I make no promises other than most posts will most likely be short and a lot more centred on my life at present: stay at home mother to an infant and challenging toddler. And I promise to talk about food and nutrition, as always. And here we go….

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