Nutrition Month 2017: take the fight out of food

March is special for many dietitians in many ways: fiscal year-end at many of our workplaces, renewal time for College and national association memberships, a mad scramble to get in those last few continuing education points (or find the paperwork for those lunch and learns you’re certain you did THIS year). Oh, and nutrition month! A month to spotlight the importance of good nutrition for every person; a month to showcase dietitians and the wonderful and varied work they do throughout the country. Many local municipalities and provincial/territorial governments release official proclamations for this month every year, and nutrition month events can be found almost anywhere a dietitian works.

Have you heard of nutrition month? Maybe you’ve seen the posters in a local healthcare provider’s office. Did you know that each year there is a new theme? This year the focus is all about renewing our relationship with food, whether that means figuring out where to find safe and trustworthy nutrition advice, making mealtime and food decisions less of a battle ground (for yourself or for others), or learning to eat in a way that is both pleasurable and helps manage your health conditions. Because eating well doesn’t (and shouldn’t) mean forbidden foods, unsafe diets, mealtime meltdowns, or bland and boring meals. There are so many great resources to check out, including the official Nutrition Month 2017 materials at, the Nutrition Summit 2017 at, your favourite dietitian’s blog (don’t have one yet? find a new one here), and I’ll be doing my part to make nutrition the star of the month.

Bon appetit!

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